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WATERPROOFING FAQ in mumbai - akolkar Waterproofing frequently asked questions

Q. How long will my waterproofing guarantee last in Mumbai? 
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING provides a 9 years guarantee.

Q. When is the best time to waterproof a house in Mumbai?
The best time to waterproof a house is during the time of construction, renovation, painting & plastering.

Q. Can the leakages from the terrace be fixed in Mumbai?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING are experts in detecting the exact source of water leakages via ARDWLSDP9 and fix the same without breaking.

Q. Can external walls be waterproofed without Bamboo / Scaffolding in Mumbai?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING spray water based chemicals on the exterior walls which blocks the micro capillaries leading to water leakages / water seepage / moisture / mold.

Q. Can you fix leaky pipe without replacing it in Mumbai?

AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING process ARDWLSDP9 allows us to fix leaky pipe without replacing it, depending upon the pipe condition it may vary.

Q. What is the full form of FOG in drainage systems?
FOG stands for Fats, Oils & Grease in drainage systems.

Q. How can drain pipe be prevented from clogging or chocking due to food fats?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING's methodology removes heavy grease accumulated over the period of time by using ARDFOGCP9 - Akolkar Research & Development Fat Oil Grease Cleaning Process 9.

Q. Kitchen drain pipe clogged due to grease, is there any solution to remove the clog without having to break the pipe?

AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING process is completely non destructive as we understand the downtime caused to restaurant industry due to clogging of drain pipe and provides an instant solution which clears the clog in just matter of time.

Q. Is there any permanent solution for clogged drain pipes due to Fats, Oils & Grease FOG?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING's ARDFOGCP9 coating keeps fats oils and grease from sticking to the drain pipe and eliminates the process of clogging.

Q. Drain pipe chocking solution providing company in Mumbai?
AKOLKAR R&D OPC PRIVATE LIMITED is expert in clearing of chocked and clogged drain pipelines in Mumbai. Call us on +919870988888.

Q. Why is it important to not let Fats, Oils & Grease to enter into any drainage system?
Fats, Oils & Grease tends to stick to the surface of the pipe and continuing to drain them into the pipelines leads to accumulation of it and as they expand, it tends to clog or choke the drain pipeline. AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING is expert in removing, preventing fats oils & grease in drain pipelines. Call us on +919870988888.
Q. What is the importance of waterproofing in Mumbai?
The biggest advantage of waterproofing is that it reduces the chances of asthma and breathing related issues caused due to water seepage / dampness / mold and prevents water from destroying our interiors and helps save on recurring reparing costs.

Q. Does the water tank need waterproofing in Mumbai? 
Yes. As water itself is a huge cost, it is always economical to get the water tank waterproofed to avoid water wastage.

Q. What is the best solution for a recently renovated house facing water leakage / dampness / seepage issues in Mumbai?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING'S ARDWLSDP9 methodology, we detect the source of water leakages and fix it without breaking.

Q. Which parts of my bathroom lead to water leakages in Mumbai?
Nahani trap, corners of the bathroom, flooring of the bathroom need to be waterproofed to avoid water leakages to the flat below.

 Q. Which is the best solution / product for waterproofing in Mumbai? 
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING'S 36 years of experience enables us to work on an objective basis and our objective is to keep your home leak free. When it comes to waterproofing, the most important aspect is to know where the source of water leakage is and fix that in itself without having to break. As breaking leads to more damage to the building structure.

Q. A neighbour staying below my flat complained about water leakage / water dripping, is there a way to resolve the same without breaking my bathroom in Mumbai?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING believe in no breaking and thus our non destructive technology enables us to fix the water leakages without breaking. Bathrooms are prone to water leakages and breaking them can be a costly affair but most important factor while breaking is knowing where to break.

Q. I am facing water leakages from the above floor and the person staying above is not cooperating, can I fix these water leakages without their involvement in Mumbai?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING can resolve these types of water leakages from the negative side itself without having to involve the residents above.

Q. What is the mobile number of waterproofing without breaking contractor in Mumbai?
+919870988888 - Mr. Girish Akolkar - Whatsapp Number: +919870988888

Q. Name of the waterproofing without breaking consultant in Mumbai?

Q. Is your waterproofing treatment / solution / service affordable in Mumbai?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING only detects the source of water leakages and treat that much area only.

Q. What is the best time to do waterproofing in Mumbai?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING technology allows us to do waterproofing in any season and even during monsoons / heavy rainfall we can do our treatment.

Q. What happens if it rains on existing waterproofing treatment in Mumbai?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING can fix any kind of monsoon related water leakage during monsoon without breaking or without having to wait for rain to stop.

Q. When can I start using the bathroom after your waterproofing treatment in Mumbai?
Instantly in most cases, but depending upon site conditions it may vary.

Q. During monsoon my house walls start to leak due to water leakages and some walls start to get damp, is there any method to resolve the same in Mumbai?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING use thermal analysis and detect the source of water leakages from the terrace, external walls & other probable areas and fix the same without breaking. As the building / house structure goes through expansion during the summer due to heat and as the season changes it goes through the process of contraction, thus air gaps are created and during monsoon the water enters into the premises.

Q. How to find us on google search engine?
www.akolkarwaterproofing.com, waterproofing without breaking.

Q. How to contact us for waterproofing without breaking services in Mumbai?

Q. Are you waterproofing contractor in Mumbai?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING is a research and development firm, having extensive knowledge with respect to waterproofing & water engineering. We assist & support waterproofing contractors in Mumbai by rectifying their water leakage issues without breaking. Call us on +919870988888

Q. Who is the best water leakage expert in Mumbai?
AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING provides service based on objective basis, and our objective is to keep your premises water leak free. We scientifically approach the water leakage issue by first identifying the source of water leakages. Once the water leakage source detection process is done, we rectify the same without breaking along with a 9 year guarantee. You can call us on +919870988888.

Q. Where do we provide waterproofing services in Mumbai?

AKOLKAR WATERPROOFING provide services in the following Mumbai area.
Altamount Road,
Balaji Mandir,
Ballard Estate,
Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra Reclamation,
Bandstand Promenade,
Breach Candy,
Carmichael Road,
Chapel Avenue,
Clive Road,
Cotton Exchange,
Cuffe Parade,
Cumbala Hill,
D.N. Nagar,
Dadiseth Agiary Lane,
Dhirubhai Parekh Marg,
Domestic Airport,
Four Bungalows,
Gandhi Nagar,
Gateway Of India,
Goregaon (E),
Goregaon (W),
Gowalia Tank,
Hindu Colony,
International Airport,
Jagannath Shankarseth (Jss) Road,
JB NagarJuhu,
Kala Ghoda,
Kalbadevi Road,
Kemps Corner,
Khodad Circle,
Kings Circle,
Land's End
Linking Road,
Lohar Chawl,
Lokhandwala Complex,
Lower Parel,
M I G Colony,
M.J. Market,
Malabar Hill,
Marine Drive,
Marine Lines,
Model Town,
Mumbai CST,
Nariman Point,
New Marine Lines,
Opera House,
Pali Hill,
Parsi Colony,
Peddar Road,
Saki Naka,
Seven Bungalows,
Shivaji Park,
Ville Parle (E),
Warden Road,
Zaveri Baazar,
Bhulabhai Desai Road,
Breach Candy,
Carmichael Road,
Colaba Causeway,
Dadabhai Naoroji Road,
Dalal Street,
Dinshaw Wachha Road,
Dr. Dadasaheb Bhadkamkar Marg,
Dr. Gopalrao Deshmukh Marg,
Dr. Kashibai Navrange Marg,
Gopalrao Deshmukh Marg,
Hill Road, Mumbai,
Hughes Road,
Jangali Maharaj Road,
Jeejabai Bhosle Marg,
Jogeshwari–Vikhroli Link Road,
Lady Jamshetjee Road,
Linking Road, Mumbai,
M.L. Dahanukar Marg,
N.S. Patkar Marg,
Nana Chowk,
Nepean Sea Road,
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road,
P L Lokhande Marg,
Pandita Ramabai Marg,
Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link,
Ramdas Nayak Road,
Rustom Sidhwa Marg,
S.K. Barodawallah Marg,
Samaldas Gandhi Marg,
Sangeet Samrat Naushad Ali Marg,
Santa Cruz–Chembur Link Road,
Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg,
Shankarsheth Road,
Swami Vivekanand Road (Mumbai),
Veera Desai Road