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That leakages inside a flat is a huge stress, emotionally, physically and financially, is an understatement. If it is severe and you have to deal with an indifferent society and an even more difficult owner of the flat above for 3 years, the stress levels hit the roof. When you are ready to give up and someone tells you that all is not lost and that there are convenient and yet effective ways to tackle the leakage, with minimal discomfort, you are skeptical. Until Mr Girish Akolkar comes along and does exactly what he says he will do - fix the leakage totally, however severe.

I highly recommend Electric Media for the work they did in fixing the leakage of my entire bedroom ceiling. It had severe water drippage at multiple places, not to mention the dampness and wetness all over. And it was fixed without breakage and under 20 mins in 3 visits.

While I have finally been able to get rid of the leakage, interacting with Mr Akolkar has been one of the most easiest thing to do. He is accessible, prompt, polite, respectful and empathetic.

Thank you Mr Akolkar and Electric Media!

- Mrs. Devika Fernandes 
It has been 2-3 years that my home has faced leakage that kept happening irrespective of the rainy season. There was Leakage to an extent where water actually was dropping from the ceiling from several parts of my 2bhk home. We tried contacting several waterproofing agencies that could provide us a solution, but it was all in vain.

Leakage in my house had now increased considerably in every room and it was becoming difficult to stay in the house. Luckily while I was searching online for a solution for this leakage I came across Girish Akolkar waterproofing company. I decided to contact them and finally they were here in my house, they managed to understand what was happening and assured me that they would manage to stop this leakage. Obviously I had my reservations earlier because I had tried so many other waterproofing options but it had never been successful.

Finally, the day came where I had them come to my home with a mixture of some magic chemical (trust me, it is) and they applied it to all the leaking and wet spaces through all my rooms. It was something different and interesting to watch but about 24 hours later, trust me the leakage at several spots had stopped. I was in complete shock and also just happy to see this sight after several failed attempts. Over a period of time they managed to come yet again and apply the same magic chemical on my ceilings where the leakage still existed. And yet again to my surprise after about 24-48 hours the leakage at the remaining spots also happened to have vanished. It’s been almost a month now and there is absolute no leakage whatsoever.

I genuinely would like to thank them for their technique and for helping us out through this scary ordeal of leakage in our home. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone facing water leakage issue. 

- Mr. Kishore Chavan
Had a worrisome leakage problems in one of our rooms , which seemed to originate from floor above. There was not much we could do at the source, being not in our control. We googled regarding agencies for solving such problems and found many resources listed. Girish bhai's company profile showed a novel way to address the problem from the negative side, meaning treatment to the source from the outlet side where the droplets were falling down. They inspected the site and did an analysis using thermal camera and gave us a plan of action, as we had to stop the leakage on war footing, as interior work for the said room had already started. Within 2 to 3 treatments the leakage almost complete stopped, and we could go ahead with the room interior works as planned. It has been about 2 years now, and the treatment is holding good. If we find some issue, a call or message is enough for Girish bhai and Milindbhai's team to visit and attend to the same.

It is said water finds its own way... No doubts on that. But for all nasty problems wrt water, Girishbhai and his team has a novel and ingenious way of showing water another way to take... Must say, they provided the best possible solution . Kudos to their entire Team. 

Anyone having a leakage, must must at the least once consult with them before deciding on whatever final outcome.

Thank you Girishbhai, Milind bhai and Team. 
- Mr. Deepak Rupani
I am an Architect myself working in the field of interiors. I scrutinised their product technically and found that it makes sense. Used it in one of my own projects and results are very good. 

- Mr. Alhad Gore 
The technology used by Mr.Girish Akolkar in arresting the leakages between flats are amazing without damaging the fixtures. This saves time, money and efforts. We recommend others to use his technology to solve the water leakage problems in societies/residences/offices. 

- Mr. George Peter
Was so puzzled & annoyed because of constant leakage from upper flat. Even after consultation from 2-3 agencies didn't get confidence about their solutions & leakage continued for very long. Then was searching Thermography technique for exact identification of a source hence approached Mr. Girish. His thorough understanding of subject , spot-on root cause, appropriate technical suggestions & non-destructive remedy helped us (Me & Upper flat owner) a lot. Leakage completely disappeared since then.

- Mr. Kedar Nandedkar
Last 2/3 years we were facing constant leakage from the terrace. 3/4 agencies already tried but could not works... Girish & his team completed the job last week. Leakage has been completely disappeared. We are happy. Very much reliable agency. 

- Mr. Mahesh Phadnis 
Hi we are Neelesh and Shalini..

got reference of Mr Girish Akolkar through a friend. we had leakage problem in our kitchen ceiling coming through upper floor bathroom. He fixed it without breaking tiles . We are thankful to Mr.Girish and his team .

- Mrs. Shalini Gore 
Meticulous work done in no time .. it barely took an hour and all our problem sorted .. highly recommended.

- Pragati Sharma 
Had severe leakage issues in my flat along with entire housing society. Mr. Girish has done a perfect job at our resi. Bathroom ceiling had heavy leakages. Other contractors advised to break ceiling of my flat and flooring of flat above me to get job done but only Girish did the job without breaking either flats. Amazing technology. No breakages. Fast and reliable service. Reasonable cost. Now entire society is getting job done! Psst - Take my name - who knows you might get a discount -;) 

- Mr. Vikas Goyal 
Fantastic job. Technically and professionally sound services. Mr. Girish personally investigates, inspects and installs the solution to all leakage problems. 

- Mr. Siddharth jain 
Girish & his team are a highly efficient & also, do a very quality work. A very cost effective team and strongly believe in ethical work. Have had an excellent experience & have no hesitation in recommending them. 

- Ramarao S 
The persisting leakage issue from terrace floor resolved during peak monsoon. No leakage observed mid July-18, despite on going monsoon and we having created water ponding at terrace level. Excellent solution without breakage. Very cooperative team. 

- Mr. Tushar Mody 
Completed the job in heavy rains. Plugged all leakages. Excellent Service. Happy with after sales too.

- Mr. Hemendra Ghosh 
We had a severe leakage problem in our house which we were struggling for months before reaching out to Electric Media, who were using a very different technology and method. Their repair was quick, reasonable and non intrusive(for neighbors) with no breakage, a boon for everyone especially in Mumbai. Will recommend to everyone. 

- Mr. Varun Saxena 
Facing leakage issue in the flat from ceiling electric point in our society , team electric research & development had done super quality work and no leakage since last 3yrs. Thanks to Milindji.

- Shersingh Bora
Treasurer - Shree Vighanharta CHS Ltd. 
We live on 11th Floor of a tall building in Worli. For many years we had a problem of bucketful of water suddenly and randomly oozing out of wall and floor joint in bedroom, 3/4 times a month. We tried many consultants but problem remained. I contacted Mr. Girish Akolkar as he is well regarded in the matters of stopping building leakages. He visited us on the same day , analysed the root cause, brought-in his workmen with special cements, carried out the repair..all this in a period of 2 hours !! Our problem has got resolved completely, like magic. He is also a great human, a very helpful person. ... 

- Ram Bhagwat
(Ex Citibank) 
Mr.Girish Akolkar Is a highly experienced professional who has given an excellent service to us. Recommended for any leakage related issues. 

- Mr. Satish Naik 
The technology is good and it is a fast and effective result . Basically it is a good application while live leakage to stop immediately.

- Mr. Ajit Penkar 
Was provided excellent service by Mr Milind Akolkar, who came promptly to resolve the problem through his chemical treatment in our bathroom.

- Mr. Sorabh Parekh 
One of the best team that I have worked with.They know their job superbly well. We struggled for almost 3 months and then found this magic team who helped us resolve my leakage issue in like 15 days. Its been 2 years no complaints at all.I truly recommend Mr Girish Akolkar and team to resolve all leakage issues that we face in our houses/buildings.

- Ms. Nisha Darekar 
Excellent Work Done by Mr. Girishji 3 years back, Most Trustable Person and Very Coperative.. work done by them without any hustle and bustle!!

- Mrs. Vijeta Kanodia 
I suggested my Society members for water leaking issue and Electric Media resolved issue of three toilets without breaking. Now its third year and there is no Leakage.

- Dr. Sunil Lambe
Chairman, Powai Sahyadri Soc, Powai, Mumbai
Quick response and accurate leak detection. 2 leakages at my home ( 1 in the ceiling and another in the wall ) rectified within 48 hours at a reasonable cost. This was done more than 2.5 years ago and I will recommend their workmanship.

- Mr. Girish Upadhyaya 
Very systematic and focused solution to a large issue we were facing . The entire solution was quick and addressed our issue completely . My compliments for the perfect diagnosis to our problem and a perfect solution to it ..... many many thanks.

- Mrs. Sheetal Shetty