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Waterproofing Engineering & Innovation in mumbai by Akolkar Waterproofing
Sand, Structure & Sustainability:

These three words define infrastructures and the future too is oriented over it with a technological edge.

Over the years the research and development which has been done to support this fast growing construction industry is done on the above elements as they contribute in the highest percentage slab when it comes to construction.

I believe in the world of 5G that we are in and the way the human race is accelerating towards creating & procuring opportunities, nowadays what matters the most is infrastructure sustainability as the cost of repairing industry is higher considering various natural and unnatural circumstances which reduces its overall tensile strength.

The future lies in optimizing waterproofing knowledge with regards to self healing & self sustaining elements which holds the structure together externally as well as internally but not just theoretically but also physically, considering these natural and non natural elements creating fluctuations in the tensile strength of the structure for which Artificial Intelligence will play the biggest role in giving access to information regarding the waterproofing procedures & waterproofing process via one common platform which announces based on the geographical location and its soil & weather conditions through past data where the creator and the optimizers will be known beforehand the strength, the weakness and will be able to predict the future failures thus contributing to and giving importance to human lives.

Waterproofing science about combination of natural and lab grown elements required in construction along with its lifespan to sustain that particular structure respecting today's time (weather conditions) where it has to be built within a time frame with high waterproofing skill set & tools, is what the future will be orienting around.

Water is going to be the new currency and this industry’s whole and sole is dependent on it globally.

This is where methodology such as ARDWLSDP9 are a boon to the waterproofing industry where the focus is in detecting the source of water leakages and fixing these water leakages without breaking, this eliminates the unnecessary breaking which affects the tensile strength of the structure and saves time.
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Such waterproofing analysis which helps determine the combined strength of the materials, elements used during the pre construction stage will eliminate the possibility of causing water leakages as the structures keep getting built and will be rectified before the handing over process itself as now the structure will be designed in such a manner that, if an existing well done up area needs to be rectified from the inside, there would be channels to do so without breaking.

Waterproofing automation: Every micro level information about every element will be on a single platform having access to the creator and the optimiser which will also be continuously updating its live condition bringing structural engineers work in live existing through online data analytics and with it, its safety audit or the repairing work will be executed as now access to failures are predicted beforehand avoiding fatal and non fatal accidents.In the post construction stage, once the project is going to be in process of saleouts, these projects now will be handed over through the Artificial Intelligence which will determine the actual cost of sale and purchases, as now the infrastructure or even a minute space of it will be optimize based on the elements used and its sustaining capabilities for the geographical location that it is in, along with knowing if nearby projects during its pre construction stage leading to any seismic variation which would cause any harm to the existing project and its reach in terms of access, view, air quality, etc. all will be lively measured and just like stock exchange the rates will be dynamically increase or decrease which eventually make us trade for each and every square feet.

As mentioned about water being the new currency, slowly and gradually all that we as humans are dependent on, will have a cost which even today is but this time it's going to be about self survival and less dependency on provider resources.

We are in a transition phase now, where we are heading from the era of smartphones to the era of smart infrastructures and its self capabilities of healing.